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About the DVD

This DVD was shot on location in the Northern Village of Kuujjuaq in Nunavik. This energizing yoga practice was customized to the realities of Nunavik. The physical sequence will help build strength, flexibility, and relieve tension.  Through regular practice, users will be able to gain strength and flexibility on the mat and off the mat during challenges that are particularly present in daily life in the North. It is hoped that Nunavimmiut of all ages will enjoy and find new strength, relaxation, connection, and comfort in doing this practice. The hope, particularly for youth, is that regular practice will contribute to finding peace and trust within oneself, to find tools  for self-contentment and self-acceptance, to highlight the uniqueness and special gifts each person has and harness those gifts for the betterment of the families and communities that youth are a part of.

Physical benefits of yoga are highlighted throughout the DVD: forward bends bring the head below the heart allowing blood to flow to the brain and allow the internal organs in the torso to be compressed and massaged allowing old stagnant blood and toxicity to be squeezed out and be replaced with fresh and oxygen-rich blood. The focus required for Goose builds attention, strengthens connections between the left and right sides of the brain.  By folding over the hips and pressing arms strongly in Eagle, helps builds bones and improves circulation. In postures like tree and mountain, when you raise your arms up and fill the body with Breath, this can help with conditions like depression or low energy. Belly down postures like Walrus  tones the internal organs and builds back strength, and deeply support digestive health.

Breathing practices are part of every class. Full Deep Breath or 3 part breath guides the student to fully breath in to the lower belly, rib cage , and chest. The breath is used throughout the class and practitioners will eventually start naturally breathing off the mat as well. Full deep breathing stimulates the production of endorphins in the brain and decreases the susceptibility to depression. It has been shown to calm the mind, release tension in the chest and abdomen, resets the brain for clear mind in crisis situations, and reduces fear and anxiety. The Alternate Nostril Breath builds stronger connection between the left and right sides of the brain – bringing more peace and presence and also assists with challenges with insomnia, anxiety, or impatience.

A unique component of the DVD is a second audio track, the journey track.  The journey track uses language to enable the user to come home to themselves – which is the heart of living and of practice. The track asks the user to take time to remember the hero that they are with their challenges and their celebrations. It emphasizes to the user to observe and accept themselves as they are today and what they were or what they think they will or should be. The track guides the listener to reflect and accept what is going on presently – weather it is a time of loneliness or connection, grief or creativity. Perspective is gained by what is going on in the body. Listeners are asked to recognize the gifts that they have and to recognize what makes each one of us unique and to use these same gifts to be of service to the communities we live in.

The primary focus and distribution of the DVD will be for educational institutions and community use – distribution to Nunavut and NWT has also been made possible by a generous contribution from Arrows in the Arctic.


Need more Info?

To get more information about the DVD, write us at: info@northernlightsyoga.ca